Welcome to Bushtechno 9.0 as we shake the dust off our doof boots after the epic weekend adventure at Esoteric, we invite a hand picked group of special guest artists to My Aeon on the 14th of March.

One of our favourite old and new skool producers is coming out of the shadows of his studio and into our favourite inner city club with his all new live act and studio production. It is safe to say you loved him on the Bushtechno stage!

Melbourne artist now based in Berlin comes all the way back just for these very two special events. The most bush tekkies of all the girls, it is a very exciting honour to have her grace the decks for a special 2 hour set.

When we first heard him play at Blossom Festival in Western Australia and complimented him on being our favourite set, we asked what producers tracks he was playing. Our mind was blown by the response that they were all our very own Muska – AUS!

This is High Tech minimal Bushtechno at its finest. Wait to get your mind blown!

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