Who is Anonymous (A.I Records)????

From his love for our scene and love for Psytrance, Anonymous has been to most of the largest festivals around the world and has dived deep into his passion, love and energy when it comes to psychedelic music. Learning to produce over the last few years, with his love for all styles of psychedelic music ranging from prog, full on, forrest and dark psy. Anonymous has been producing a hybrid of tunes with some dark prog but mainly focusing of his full on sounds. He has been playing at many of our largest underground festivals including Wild Horses, Ergot Radio, Paradigm, A.I Records fest just to name afew. Also known for his duo project with Obsidian as Connect The Dots, Dylan needs no introduction to our scene as we are excited to showcase his incredible production and Journey sets.

We have organised a very special 2 hour set for our night so he can take you all on a very powerful journey at our upcoming Progression Sessions!

We have curated a magical support line up with some of the best local TECHNO & PSYTRANCE acts to ensure you get your fix for the weekend!

We look forward to a special Progression Sessions incoming to you all!

Line Up
Anonymous (A.I Records)

Psy-Fenn Particle (A.I Records)

Digital Synapsys (Progression Sessions)

Phenomenal (Progression Sessions)

Marsh Long

More tba

general admission $15

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