recovery collective 28.12

recovery collective 28.12

What a way to wrap up the year and tie a big bow around the last FIVE! A night dedicated to our family from start to finish, at one of the finest establishments in our beautiful city, on one of the busiest nights of the year.

A culmination of music and art, friends and family, moments and memories, ambition and persistence, love and respect have all eventuated to where we are today – and we just want to say THANK-YOU for how amazing it has been!



John Baptiste
Jozef Conor
Leigh Boy
Liam Sieker
Muska – AUS
willing & abel (QLD)


Saturday December 28 • 10pm – 6am
My Aeon • 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


From just a bedroom idea born between two best mates back in 2014 to where we are today, it has been one hell of a journey and a ride that we will never forget.

The way our Recovery Collective family has grown, the way our music and artists have evolved and the memories we have all created together has been so amazing to be apart of.

Over the years we have both worked with/at some of the countries premier festivals, have ran some of our own tours/events and showcases across Europe, have performed alongside some of our ultimate inspirations, have had over 80 releases on our catalog from over 50 artists – and have no plan of slowing down anytime soon!

We not only have been specialising in music distribution, event and artist management but have also expanded right across the industry working in the fields of stage and decor design, art and creative direction, digital media design, photography, videography, live stream broadcasting and much much more… constantly striving to step out of our comfort zone and create something new, exciting and innovating.

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