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November 2, 2019

saturday 2nd november
Start : 10pm
End : 6am
Location : My Aeon

For the first time ever in Melbourne, we will celebrate one of the best legend in the industry! beginning his musical career in the Orchestra playing all over Australia as he started of as a bassoon player trained in classical music. Felix aka Terrafractyl (Kinematic Records) went to his first bush doof in the 90s and since that doof, his life changed! He decided to give electronic music production a go & what we have now is one of the most incredible producers blending Psytrance, Jazz & classical music together making him one of the best, most talented producers we have in Australia.

Terrafractyl created his second alias Hypnagog as he wanted to create his own personal style and blend of music as he has called Prog step. focusing more on a down tempo, glitchy styled sound with his Jazz infused hybrid tones. Felix whilst learning about production and music has developed a love for building his own synthesizers and making many of his sounds from scratch. With his music being so unique and creating a brand new genre and style of psytrance, Felix created his own record label Kinematic Records showcasing the incredible Jazz, classical and musical sounds which we have the privilege of hearing some very special music and sounds produced from around the world & Australia.

Terrafractyl is one of our favourite Australian acts and has one of the strongest supports in the scene with his incredible music and mouth watering production. Please support this legend and come together as we celebrate one of the best in the industry with a very special

5 hours of Terrafractyl & Hypnagog (Kinematic Records)

We will have:

♫ 2 rooms of music

♫ Epic support Line Up

♫ Lasers

♫ Function One Sound


♫ Techno & Psy Trance

Line Up

Terrafractyl (Kinematic Records)

Hypnagog (Kinematic Records)

Eartheogen / Zenon Records

More tba


Early Birds- $15

1st Rounds- $20

Final Round- $25