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September 29, 2018

saturday 29th september
Start : 10.00pm
End : 6.00am
Location : My Aeon

2 International acts in 1 night

My Aeon is excited to host some of the best acts from around the world under our home and roof at My Aeon. Featuring from Sweden Metronome (Blue Tunes Records) with his incredible unique melodic progressive sounds & the Mexican exploding genius with his more fun, bouncy prog Unseen Dimensions. We will also be flying in from (NSW) Birrang Miil/ A duo who has been in the industry for many years playing internationally and developing their sounds from around the world.

We will have limited tickets available for this event so lock yours in EARLY


EarlyBirds $15
First Round $18
Second Round $20
Third Round $22
Final Round- $25