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October 20, 2018

saturday 20th october
Start : 10.00pm
End : 6.00am
Location : My Aeon

Are Esoteric withdrawals starting to set in ?

Fear not as we surface from the underground to bring you the official warm-up party for Esoteric Festival 2019 on Sat 20 Oct at My Aeon feat a taste of the finest psychedelic tunes, art, production and good vibes…

Esoteric Launch Party 2019
Sat 20 Oct @ My Aeon
Doors 10pm till late

Tix >> www.triniq.com/esoteric2019launchparty

There’s an old legend, a tale, a folklore, about mystic legends of the forest, not just any forest, an enigmatic and entrancing forest that inspires and tickles the curiosity of those whom are adventurous enough…

Bound by darkness above, fear not, as it’s contrasted with the brightest of spectrums and bedazzling of pigments. With tall trees that interweave, branch to branch in collocated rows, whispering sacred knowledge as they accompany you from realm –to-realm.

Your wellbeing is in good hands, the cosmic owl, a guardian of ancient wisdom and a mesmerizing gaze, which shall guide you. The owl knows the woods like the back of its feathers, you shall be protected as you venture throughout the wonderlands of Esoterica…

Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest.