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May 11, 2018

saturday 11th may
Start : 10.00pm
End : 6.00am
Location : My Aeon

– We are ONE human family –

Let’s come together as ONE community, with ONE intention

This event is a FUNDRAISER. 100% of the donations will go directly to the Non-for-profit organization TRIBAL VISION.

We are to raising awareness on behalf of the Shipibo Tribe of the Peruvian Amazon.

We are so fortunate in Australia that we can come together, have fun, celebrate life, dance and be in community. Let’s join together through this event and support our brothers and sisters in need.

Line Up:

Twisted Sibling – https://soundcloud.com/twistedsibling
Pspiralife – https://soundcloud.com/pspiralife
One Tasty Morsel – https://soundcloud.com/onetastymorsel
Auramechanic – https://soundcloud.com/auramechanic
Jekyll – https://soundcloud.com/jekyll-1
Illume – https://soundcloud.com/lucyjay
Digital Swamp – https://soundcloud.com/digital-swamp
Pakman – https://soundcloud.com/pakman_aus


First round -$15
General admission -$20
Door price – $25

Raffle tickets available on entry
Ethical Tribal Art available for purchase inside the venue
Feel free to donate to the cause on entry
Contact us if you would like to get involved

-Our intention-

The Shipibo Tribe reside in the Northern Amazonian basin of Peru and are being severely affected by climate change, mal-nutrition, deforestation, polluted waterways and general westernisation. The funds are going to a non-profit organisation called TRIBAL VISION which is set up directly to assist this particular tribal village consisting of 1700 inhabitants. The project we are focusing this funding towards is Medical and Health services. We need sufficient medical supplies to stock the medical center for 2 years during the toughest season of the year. During the months of January, February and March. This time period is the wet-season and the village is subjected to heavy rainfall and flooding. As a result of this drastic seasonal change, it brings waterborne illness, diseases, lack of food and resources. The people in this time are struggling to survive, sometimes very sick, malnourished or starving, and needing assistance from the outside. This project has been made priority from the elders in the village as well as us here on the board of Tribal Vision.

-About Tribal Vision-

Tribal Vision is a collective non-government organisation that support the Shipibo community.

We work with a semi-remote Shipibo community in the Ucayali Region of the Peruvian Amazon. Our projects are guided by the collective needs of the people.

Nirvana Waters, Lahni Gordon and myself, Aurora Sharkey are the board members here at Tribal Vision. I have personally been based within the community for over 2 years. Collectively we have formed a broad understanding of the Shipibo culture and way of life. After living along-side the tribe we have an established relationship where we are working collectively on a number of projects prioritized by the people themselves.

The organization was approved by the Shipibo elders, who have prioritized this project as the most important offering we can give to the Shipibo community. This is our extended family, so please come join us for this incredible fundraiser. With your help and support, we are aiming to raise funds to stock the medical and health centre for 2 years!

See you there Tribe!