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May 3, 2019

friday 3rd may
Start : 10pm
End : 6am
Location : My Aeon

The vibe tribe is back with Renegade XIII, this time headlined by dynamite underground duo Handsdown and Leigh Boy

For the first time we welcome festival legend Suseri, Melbourne Dance Music Academy spice master Sriracha, and The Breakfast Club – Melbourne roof rinser Lucca Tan to our Funktion-One (Official) lair

We warmly welcome back Red Moon Tribe brothers Chris Hall, Jedidiah & PG, the creative powerhouse of Recovery Collective, Jydn, and our German Renegade resident Publik Panik

Our main man Tomino Kaa aka Loopyomama will be lighting up the walls as our visual artist for the evening

This team of amazing humans is all set for another night of peace, love, and techno. See you on the dance floor ❤️