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April 26, 2019

friday 26th april
Start : 10pm
End : 6am
Location : My Aeon

Are you ready to get saucy, to express yourself & to have a night of fun, lust & excitement….

We give you RED.. the second of it’s kind, a night to have fun, dance, explore yourself and maybe even others with 2 rooms of music and heavy focus on quality. We have Tech House, Techno & Psy-Trance for you all along with many Installations, Workshops, Custom decor & live performances.

Red is not a sex party, it is a an event with a focus on education, consent, safety & being comfortable. We strive to make this an event to bring many crowds together and have a space for like minded individuals to be a part & grow and explore with one another.

No public nudity or sex acts will be permitted within the venue. Entry will only be granted if you dress in theme or bring a costume ~ AND WE MEAN IT.
Wear as much or as little as you like but we encourage you to wear something xxx

If you are not comfortable dressing up in a costume, minimum requirements for entry attire is to wear the colour RED. If you are not dressed up in our theme, management has the right to refuse entry.

Bring your Kink, Bring your fun, Express Yourself & Indulge

CONSENT- Do not touch or enter someones space with out verbal permission or consent. ZERO harassment will be accepted at our venue. Feel free to use our activities space but consent must be used at all times.
There will be a list of rules you will need to read upon entry.

If you don’t feel safe at any time please speak to our guardians, bar staff or security immediately & we will deal with it straight away in an appropriate manner.

We look forward to a hot and steamy session at My Aeon, get ready to get RED

Line Up TBA

Tickets: https://redbdsmparty.eventbrite.com.au

Early Birds- $15
Final Round- $20

Lasers LED brothers FX
Visuals Kaleida Visual Productions
Photography- tba
videography Champagne Lane Studios
Performances Wild Entertainment