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June 21, 2019

friday 21st june
Start : 10pm
End : 6am
Location : My Aeon

❖ For all the freaks who like to get down
do not go gentle into the night.
As we rave at the close of day;
we summon the dark frequencies to come out and play.

Featuring the freakiest slingers in the business across two floors of Funktion-One fuelled mayhem.
Within the darkness you shall find the light.

Step into vibrational fields created through the summoning of low frequency sounds, trance-induced psyche twisting moments of divinity achieved through a journey into the unique realm of Dark Freqs. ❖ |

| ❖ featuring____
Mittens _ ❖
❖ Mha Iri_
Samwise_ ❖
❖ Ellie Walsh_
Le Bruh_ ❖
❖ Dino B!tch_
Tanner Kram_ ❖
❖ Toufie_
Zombiebass_ ❖
❖ Disco $lut_
Comrade Nathan_ ❖
❖ Luke Scully_
Techno Teddy_ ❖

Visuals and Projections _ Tba

Tickets available through Eventbrite __
Early Freqs__ $10
Freaky Freqs __ $15
General Freqs____ $20

:: Although we like to get dark and freqalicious we equally like to create safe inclusive spaces for everybody to connect and dance freely within. We have a zero tolerance approach to any behavior that makes anybody feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Bring your best vibe and share your light with the world cause you CAN ♥ ::