My Aeon pushes the boundaries to provide Australia’s best sound…

My Aeon is engineered by the sounds of Funktion-One…

Room One

my aeon has a custom build Funktion-One Phase 3 sound system which was installed under the guidance of Funktion-One’s leading sound engineers. The room is acoustically treated with bass traps and acoustic foam on all the ceiling enabling a sweet and tight sound studio sound.

Its advanced 3-way design integrates a large voice coil 18” bass driver with a high performance 10” midrange loudspeaker and a 1” compression driver for high frequencies. As with all Funktion-One sound systems, their great attention to detail has been to the loading and tuning of these drivers resulting in high efficiency clarity and realism.

Room Two

The club also has a custom build Funktion-One Phase 2 sound system with meticulous attention paid to acoustic treatment of the room for superior sound quality. Bass traps on all walls and acoustic foam on the ceiling (as room one), creates a listening experience just as if you are in your own music studio.

Funktion-One ensured the waveguide and driver technology produces a clear, involving and powerful sound. The room boasts high efficiency and sonic excellence, resulting in a quality response from a small source.