Sun 5th March – North Side Country Club

North Side Country Club

Set amongst the concrete and graff of the northern suburbs, here is where you will find your new techno family centre. A refuge for those who flourish in the grime and prefer the focus on things that matter, sound and music; Curated line ups weekly delivering the best this city has to offer, shifting through the landscape of the techno genre. Every Sunday in the open air courtyard of My Aeon on a full Funktion-One (Official) system.

Last Sunday’s courtyard vibes were high with Mahala’s 2nd Birthday featuring some serious techno

This Sunday will be no different.

Cheap drink specials between 12-2 so get down early ?
Basic spirits $6
Basic beer $6
(Pure Blonde &Coopers Pale Ale)
Vodka red bull $8
Jager bomb $8
Cider $6
Champagne $6

Lineup is looking damn good:
Alex David
Leigh Boy
Jackson Ruan
Casey Leaver
Jamie Stevens
Bec Grenfell
Mha iri

Throw in a Funktion 1 sound system and we have ourselves a party.

See you there x

Opens 12pm

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