SAT 8th July : Thick as Thieves present Shawnecy (Desolat)

PELE & SHAWNECY are certainly more than a regular DJ duo. Their sound is unique. A striking blend of electronic beats, breaks and sounds – coupled with their own vocals. Track by track their sets blow the listener away. ’99 problems’ on Loo Dices label Desolat has been a fixture in Melbourne sets this year, following up from ‘Sixtynine’ and ‘Better For My Brain’ which are already anthems in Melbourne. This will be a party you don’t want to miss out on.

Local support:
Damon Walsh
Luke Vecchio
Traj (Phil Traj & Stefan Traj)
Joram Flynn

Friends with Benefits
Andrew Roberts
Finn O’Dea
Mitchell Gee

More info:

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