SAT 13th May Doesn’t Matter present Doppel

DOESN’T MATTER is back with another night full of quality tunes!
This time we are going Northside to take over My Aeon and their new new FunktionOne system.
We’re very excited to have “Doppel” for his first live show in Victoria and are looking forward to hearing Matt Dwellers new live set after half a year immersed in the Colombian jungle.
We also welcoming Sophia Sin for her debut DM experience as well as some of our favourites Nikki Sig, Suseri and of course our beloved residents.
Tickets for the event will sell fast so we suggest jumping online quickly to secure your ticket.

Tickets here

Line up:

Doppel LIVE (Canberra)

Matt Dwellers LIVE
Nikki Sig
Sophia Sin
Clare Blake
Ollie Wilkes
Andre Le Vogue

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