FRI 7th July : Pretty Psy 4 A Cactii

After tryptamine enters my every cortex my DNA reconstruction seems complete. Checksum comparison with host identity. I exist – my orders well on there way. My current form is a damn cacti, WTF right? After anaylising your internet i found different is good.

My orders are to pay homage to the symbol 8 due to its close relationship with infinity. I’ve scouted your lands for the best frequency generators based on my hosts needs.


Osciloptix [UP Records]

CYAN – Biopulse Records

EL3VEN [Ergot Radio]


Harmonic Sequence



Skarnos Legion

Dr Quinn


+ MORE audio and visual delights #TBA

Lasers Pew Pew by BFG Soundsystem

ViSuALs by BIGBIRD(Swez)

^^Entry – $15 @ the door^^
^^FREE ENTRY FOR BIRTHDAY CACTII (Must present valid photo ID^^

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