FRI 24th Feb – Almost Human w/ Shadow FX & Whitebear

DMX presents Almost Human – Cowboys vs Aliens 

Don’t miss out on the ultimate destination for deep groovy progressive psytrance, banging dark-psy and slammin drum n bass!! A lineup is out of this world! Meticulously curated for EPIC INTERGALACTIC EARGASM GUARANTEED!!

Howdy dudes, dudettes and cosmic alien genders,

DXM is gettin’ down n dusty with an interstellar psy-fi hoedown!!

It don’t matter if you’re a city slicker looking to wet your whistle, an intergalactic traveler trying to call home or even an illegal alien trying to jump the wall – Almost Human’s havin the ultimate Mexican standoff!

But don’t worry bout the gigamaree – most abductees enjoy our probes 😉

Time to dust off them spurs and put on yer Sunday best. Get your tentacles into your ol’ square dancing boots cuz this one’s gunna be a hootenanny to tell the grandspawns about.

Remember – don’t squat with you spurs on and if you climb in the saddle, you gots to be ready for the ride. But don’t worry about bitin’ off more than you can chew – your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger’n you think!

Your alien overlords for the night:

Shadow FX

Shadow Fx was created in 2002 by James Hayes from Melbourne, Australia. James started his musical career studying and playing drums and guitar in high school. Then at the age of seventeen he discovered psytrance in and around the famous trance hotspot of Byron Bay. After listening to and Djing the music for several years, he decided to move to Melbourne and make a serious effort to put his own mark on the scene. He set himself up with a small studio and started to produce full time, leading him to the smooth and refined sound for which he is known today. Described as a blend of deep, funky, morning grooves that are distinctively shaped from the Zenon sound. Intricate percussion lines interplay with emotive synth lines, then pieced together in the most intelligent of progressive structures. In recent years he has played at many parties all over Australia, as well as in Europe, North & South America and New Zealand. In 2008 he was nominated for beatport’s artist of the year award. He has also released compilation tracks on ZMA, Iboga, Zenon, Bio-sine, plus on Cosmic Conspiracy records with his brother Tetrameth. His debut album ‘Direct Influence’ was released on Zenon Records in July of 2007.


Whitebear is the result of a love of evolving soundscapes, groovy basslines and interesting sound design. The amalgamation of tribal and futuristic elements has presented new territory for Whitebear to explore, a sonic jungle where complex soundscapes turn to glitch, break then flow; his psychedelic sound infusions leak straight to the brain. The listener is taken on a journey, but free to explore the vast expanse of intangible space between the frequencies and synapses. What happens in that space, in that darkness, is an immersive experience limited only by your own imagination.


On the last legs of their journey, Gorgon and Psy-Fenn had recieved an interesting signal from a planet called Earth!!!
a mysterious place, inhabited by quite unusual beings.
The signal was running at about 146bpm… these Earthlings seem to speak their language.
Time to send them a message back ……………………..………
100 % pure Psytrance guaranteed!!


Osciloptix is a visual disturbance in which objects in the visual field appear to oscillate. The severity of the effect may range from raw melodic frequencies to dark, driving basslines. Temporary exposure can and will cause intense euphoria, which can lead to hallucinations, involuntary eye movements, coordinated muscular contractions and an overload of the audio cortex. Through the alchemical transmutation of colour into frequencies and visual textures into vibrations, a sequence of meticulously arranged, overlaying, oscillating rhythms, is taking shape, to become the medium in which the psyche can travel to unknown realms of infinite, intricate and vastly abstract realities…

Elle Shimada

Tauren (Shantaraam)

Shantaraam has toured excessively around the East Coast of Australia and New Zealand, collaborating with live musicians such as Alice Spacedoll, The Funk Shui Collective, Zourouna, and Matiu ‘the hook’ Te huki, often merging the worlds of live and electronic with an improvised approach. Fresh from a Euro tour with Gigs in Dubrovnik, Croatia – Lisbon Portugal – Leeuwarden Holland, the focus has shifted to producing his own material, and collaborating with Middle Eastern and Western Musicians to bridge the divide.


Playing Darkpsy/Hitech whatever you called…
Takes you to the heaven via Hell.
I wanna take you there!!!


Paul Kearney

Paul released his first solo album ‘Mainframe’ in 2000 and the 12″ single ‘Faktory Direkt’ on Nine09 label.
Following were releases on Green Ant, Well Worn Records, Fabula Records and Sub Records (Psy Harmonics), performing and producing with Melbourne art rock band ‘The Night Terrors’ and renowned Didgeridoo player, Andrew Langford, and co-writing releases with Loopus in Fabula, Circuit Bent, SLS, S.E.T.H and Legohead.
Backup and Fuckup!, released in late 2013, is Paul’s latest an album, produced with his partner in Funkedelia, Loopus In Fabula.

Crimemaster Gogo


Visuals by Paul Kearney

Entry – $20, saloon doors start swinging from 10pm

Taj Mahal

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