FRI 19th May Barba presents AnotherTechnoParty ft. Advanced Human

BARBA presents ANOTHERTECHNOPARTY ft. Advanced Human


Advanced Human [ 3hr Set ] [ GYNOID AUDIO ] Inspired by the early electronic sounds of Detroit and Chicago, along with nascent German Techno and the underground sounds of Belgian New Beat, Advanced Human struck out on his own versatile music career in 1992 as DJ Hi-Shock and has featured at every major event in the Sydney Rave scene throughout the 90’s. Ever since — always striving to perfect his skills — he’s taken both vinyl-spinning and production work to the highest level.

In recent years he has developed and helms the wildly successful Elektrax Music label group (which includes Gynoid Audio, Counter Pulse, Translucent, Android Muziq, Hypnotic Room, AcidWorx, Achromatiq, Darknet, Elektrax Recordings).

Under his recent Advanced Human alias, he has released own sounds through labels like Synewave, Gynoid Audio, Planet Rhythm, Counter Pulse, Starkstrom Schallplatten, and Dynamic Reflection — along the way being charted and played by the likes of Luke Slater, Adam Beyer, Tommy Four Seven, Chris Liebing, Damon Wild, Gregor Tresher and Dave Clarke amongst others.

Currently his trademark sound is based on exploring the uncharted terrains of Deep/Gritty Techno, that is rich with Dub chords and crunchy atmospheres surrounded by cold, bleepy effects, intricate percussion and a drive aimed at the dance floor.


Advanced Human
Acid Child vs Machinist
Craig McWhinney
DJ Elude [SYD]

James Andrews
Phil Soliman Photography
Benjamin Hancock


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