Words by Ozzie Acavedo

Slo-motion Social Club was born on the idea of ‘let’s showcase our collection’ of music to our friends as we had no venue that would play these records.   The concept was that we wanted to play anything at any time, with no compromise.  This resulted in making the night so diverse in its direction,  that it became exciting for both made both punters and the DJs we select to play the night.

We had the knowledge and skills to make it all sound seamless and didn’t rely on bells and whistles to make a room erupt. We simply relied on the ‘funk’ ‘groove’ and element of “longevity within a record” from any genre without boundaries.

Even though it is underlined by a hypnotic lower tempo deeper edge, our crowd love and infant expect an element of surprise throughout our sets.

Our venue is My Aeon, a 350 capacity club that has a custom made  Funktion-One Phase 3 sound system, within an intimate room that is fully acoustically treated by leading sound engineers and Function-One direct.   The night has now developed into a Melbourne institution that has enabled us to develop and continue discovering new talent within our own backyard. Resident DJs are Phil K and Ozzie L.A  – a serious combination of like minded individuals sharing the same twisted thirst for tunes and performance. Bringing a huge array of experience together under the same roof is a recipe for some serious entertainment.

Phil K simply has unmatched programming and intricate versatility to play any record because he can.  He is the Dj’s Dj that constantly delivers set after set rain hail or shine.  No matter what the situation is, you can rely on Phil K delivering his range and technical ability far beyond the mediocre average disc jokey you may encounter.   Ozzie L.A likes to have mix and plays rare dubbed out tunes that flow smoothly throughout his sets just like a story. He also likes to host the night away and remembers everybody’s name and game.

SloMotion was recently recognised on a world scale being named in the ‘Top 25 parties to discover before you die’ being the only Australian party alongside Mad Racket in Sydney to be recognised.

The brainchild of Melbourne stalwarts Phil K and Ozzie LA, SloMotion Social Club treats the craft of DJing with the respect it deserves. It’s not uncommon to see DJs playing sets of three hours or longer at the party, and both guest and resident DJs alike are given total creative freedom to express themselves however they like. Disco, house, techno, breakbeat, electronica – nothing is off limits, as long as it’s low slung and has got some funk.

The regular knowledgeable, up-for-it crowd happily follow the DJ on whatever journey they take them on, even on the occasions when the BPMs drop well below the 120 mark at peaktime (hey, it is called SloMotion Social Club). Currently on a break while its home My Aeon undergoes renovations, the party will return in July bigger, better, and more low slung than ever. [Andrew Wowk]



When it comes to technique he has few rivals, and this is one of many reasons Phil K is considered one of the best in the world. His sets span all genres and that versatility allows him to adapt to any environment. Whether it’s warming up the room for Telefon Tel Aviv, playing a mainstage set at Glastonbury Festival, or his residency at Melbourne institution SloMotion Social Club, one thing remains evident – Phil K will always find a way to challenge both himself and the audience.




In Melbourne’s thriving dance scene you’re often faced with the situation of more new DJs than you can keep track of, or the same old DJs getting top billing at all the gigs. Enter Ozzie LA, a DJ with many years experience who has worked quietly away at his craft, yet kept a very low profile.

The name Ozzie LA may only ring a bell for some, but for many the man and his sound are clearly associated with the Sunny parties. Now, for the past 5 years he has been a resident at new Melbourne institution ‘SloMotion Social Club’ alongside Phil K and Darius Bassiray (No.1 Delicious). A true humble gentleman, a king of eclectic programming,and the ability to set a room up in any environment; programmed to death – too smooth.

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