Just as familiar with brooding melodies as he is tribal drums, Slieker is known for the sense of journey he creates: insistent and intense yet sensitive to the subtle textures which allow breath. The through-line: a mesmerising and hypnotic drive. With Simon Slieker you get classic turntable dj’ing: blended vinyl cuts interweaving across an extended music horizon.

As a figure synonymous with techno-electronica, Simon Slieker has been around the traps of the underground scene of Melbourne since the mid 90s and has long been respected as playing an integral role within it.

Over the past 21 years, he has developed a reputation for output that pushes boundaries and exists at the fringes of bellowing bass lines, brooding melodies and tribal drums. Less concerned with being labelled as a particular genre, Slieker’s fascination with music has helped him forge a sound that is insistent and charged, yet sensitive enough to excite beyond the standard 4×4.

The strength of Slieker’s production portfolio can be measured in the projects he has been involved in. Some of the more significant residencies he has held includes, the Every Picture Tells a Story parties in the early 90’s, 8 years with Teriyaki Anarki Saki, 10 years with Technoir, as well as key resident contributions with Centriphugal, Revolver and Escape. He has also run several production enterprises, namely; Yeah Fuck Yeah, Sucker Punch, Monotremes and When the Smoke Clears. His experience also extends to festivals, having played at Earthcore parties, Rainbow Serpent, Burning Seed, and Maitreya festivals, where he also delivers Walk of the Drum workshops.

All this comes to a peak with his co-owned and co-run brand, Machine, alongside Andrew Till. Through their Machine Label and iconic, Machine Club, the pair have worked hard to showcase international and national artists in techno with a point of difference. With a roster as diverse as Machine’s, they boast the ability to bring together the established and the up-and-comers. With a mature and considered revision of techno music, art and culture, the brand has gathered equally varied support along the way.

Respected for his musicality and versatility, Simon Slieker has proven how far a potent passion and commitment to music can take you.

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