Machine Club is the night time expression of Machine Label, hosted by Andrew Till and Simon Slieker. It is home to Melbourne’s restless electronic devotees. It acts as a signal beacon to the witless and the wise. Its thumping baseline can be heard through the fog of the night. Characteristic of Machine is the harmonious intermingling of young and old, male and female, gay and straight; Machine and Machine Label don’t settle for the singular; rather an undulating landscape defined by a love of techno music in all of its multiple personalities. We welcome the journey, and all who undertake it. The path we have traversed is a 7 year adventure, already a fable, and the path that lies ahead? This is the tale we tell together.

Guest artists who have played at Machine include; Antigone (Fr), Sigha (UK), Luis Flores (Mx), Dasha Rush (Ger), Truncate( USA),  JPLS (USA), Little Noboby (Jp), Darko Esser (NL), LADA (Ger), Lucy (It), Advanced Human (Syd), Knobs (It), Fumi (Jp), Xavier Morel (Fr), G3D9, Voiteck, Ground Loop, Craig McWhinney, Linas, Enclave, Lateral etc.

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