SAT 22 April – Steve Bicknell (UK) gets Lost at MACHINE

Machine has laid host a swathe of artists from near and far who have brought great gifts to our collective table, but none who have such an enduring and marked place in the world dance music community as Steve Bicknell. We urge you to read his extended biography for the clearest sense of who and what it is that Bicknell brings. Just quietly (and there’s nothing quiet about any of this), his dj output as Steve Bicknell, his events as LOST, his productions as The Evader, Kim Bilir and S.B Project and his own name, his labels Cosmic Records, Clubtracks and ID(entity), are all steeped in the kind of historic rhetoric as to be “the stuff of legend”. Things that have been spoken and written about over the course of the last 25 years. And now, he’s coming to us as we present this very special evening with Steve Bicknell.

Do yourself a favour and read his bio for a history lesson:

And failing that, read this, it’s the last paragraph and it sums up why we’re so excited:

“Steve Bicknell’s productions and LOST has influenced a whole generation of electronic musicians. Yet despite the huge success of both Lost and his personal development as a DJ and producer, Steve has retained a palpable sense of humility and a true groundedness in everything he does. Like the rugged, minimal sound that LOST became known for, the events (and in extension all of what Steve has stood behind), have been indelibly marked by a progressive and uncompromising attitude. There is a pure vision, a complete engagement and deep immersion in the fabric of the music that disregards shallow peripherals and vagaries such as celebrity, fashionability, and kowtowing to media/commercial interests. Steve has remained connected to the roots, eschewing the mainstream, sticking firm to ideals and principles. Steve’s approach has been devoid of posturing or clamouring for attention. It has never been about following trends, but the formation of his own solid identity – an unswerving, singular vision guided by a deep and enduring devotion to the music that inspires him and a desire to present it in the purest way possible, allowing the listener to think and to feel for themselves, unburdened by external association.
Founded on and remaining true to a very pure ethics, Steve Bicknell’s attitude and energy shows no signs of faltering anytime soon…” Resident Advisor

Because in an era where commercialisation grips most artists around the throat, threatening their creative integrity; there are some who against all odds hold out. Who remain true to the feeling and vision that first gripped them when they came upon the music… And we’re proud to call that energy in. This stuff matters to us.

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