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May 18, 2019

saturday 18th may
Start : 10pm
End : 6am
Location : My Aeon
MACHINE turns 10 years old this May, our birthday treat is US producer BLACK ASTEROID (Electric Deluxe / Last Gang Records) NYC playing a 4 Hour Set

M A C H I N E turns 1 0 with:

Black Asteroid [USA]
Qu-Zen [.darkroom] Sydney
Laura King
Lateral [Machine Label]
Emmymaie [Machine]
Andrew Till [Machine]
Simon Slieker [Machine]
VDMO [Visuals]

M A C H I N E 1 0 – We’re incredibly awed at reaching this milestone. 10 years of billowing bass lines, rolling through My Aeon. Whilst we’ve endeavoured to keep the fire burning, it’s you the techno public of Melbourne and beyond who have continued to give us your support. Together, we ride a wild wave representing a style, a sound and a value set that create a paradigm of musical energy.

There’s a risk in achieving tenure that the milestone becomes a millstone; a constraint around which we keep rehashing the same ideas, which steadily become tropes. In making choices about Gender Equality, gender politics and freedom from harassment, liberation from discrimination, in affirming a strong stance on inclusion and diversity and in speaking about behaviour on the dance floor and with phones and cameras – in setting up intentions about these things, in inviting our community to engage in these things and in throwing it all out there we feel we’ve ripped the millstone from our collective neck.

This 10th Birthday is a celebration of what we as a community stand for. A celebration of the diversity and togetherness that forms the backbone of a music culture which spans decades. This is the canvas upon which our tenth birthday is laid: Safe and respectful dance floors and a diverse crowd, freely expressed. Colour and energy and vibrance throughout the venue.

Who better to help us celebrate this milestone than one of the out and out mavericks of the world techno community: BLACK ASTEROID. An artist with a celebrated, intriguing and diverse history. An artist of style and vision for sound and design. An artist who is truly an artist. And with a proven track record of delivering when it matters.


Obsessed with sound and graphic design, Bryan Black started his music career as a sound designer and keyboard tech for Prince at Paisley Park Studios. While working for Prince, Black proceeded to create his own music- some of the most alien techno records released on labels such as Mute and Kompakt. These records caught the ear of Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. Soon after, Bryan was on tour with Depeche Mode with his band Motor, and recording songs with Martin Gore at his home in Santa Barbara. In 2011 after years of recording and touring with Motor, Bryan wrote “Engine 1” to start a new chapter- returning to his techno roots. Black Asteroid set about making techno from a new perspective, in a traditional song structure format. The Tirst EP “Engine” was quickly signed to CLR records by Chris Liebing, became an instant hit, and was a precursor to what soon became known as industrial techno. The fashion designer Rick Owens picked up on what was happening, and used Black’s music for his runway shows in Paris. The two quickly became friends and collaborators. Their next collaboration comes in the form of the debut album from Black Asteroid, out now on Last Gang Records. In 2018, Black and Speedy J went into the studio and came out with 12 songs, and released a string of EP’s on the Rotterdam label STOOR. These records quickly sold out. Songs such as “Blackest Eyes” and “the Devil is high” have become staples in the live shows from both artists.


What is Machine?

MACHINE is a techno club with the vibe of an arts precinct. Run by electronic music veterans Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, the club attracts quality artists from around the country and the world. Spread over two levels each with topflight Function One sound systems and an enormous open garden area, there is always differentiation between cold and hot, hard and soft, dark and light, dry and wet, distinct and indistinct; Machine exists in this duality and celebrates the diversity it affords: old and young, queer and bent, gender fluid and gender neutral, and all kinds of orientations clear and murky. We invite you into the mix for the nighttime adventures to come.

My Aeon
791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056

Photo ID Required
Management Reserves the right to refuse entry